Register To Use Honeywell Logo

Register to Use the Honeywell Logo

Apr 15, 2014

Using the Honeywell Logo in your Sales and Marketing Materials

Please Read - Important Information

You may use the Honeywell logo in your company’s advertising, literature and websites solely in connection with the marketing and resale of Honeywell branded products. However, any use of the Honeywell logo must be carried out in accordance with the rules specified in this document. The following restrictions apply to any use of the Honeywell logo:

•  The Honeywell logo may NOT be used on business cards, badges, clothing, hats or any type of apparel, or physical displays such as lawn signs or vehicle emblems, or any object or product typically used in connection with company identification

•  The Honeywell logo shall only be used with the words “Security Products Dealer” and may never be used standing alone

•  No person associated or affiliated with your company may make any representation, whether verbal, written or otherwise, that they are a Honeywell employee or are an agent of Honeywell or that your company has any official association or affiliation with Honeywell. Neither the Honeywell name nor logo may be used in any manner that would imply or leave the impression that anyone associated or affiliated with your company is an employee or an agent of Honeywell. The Honeywell logo or name may not be used in any manner that would be likely to confuse any third party as to the nature of your affiliation with Honeywell, which at all times is that of an independent contractor.

Honeywell Logo Graphic Usage Requirements

Following the instructions below, you may register online to use the Honeywell logo. By agreeing to the terms and conditions and downloading the graphic file of the logo, you will be able to utilize the Honeywell logo in your sales and marketing materials if you comply with the usage requirements outlined in this document. Please use the original versions of the logo and ONLY use a Honeywell logo with the “Security Products Dealer” designation. Do not alter the logo in any way, combine it with other graphic elements, add a drop shadow, or place it on a patterned background.

No text or graphics should intrude into the Honeywell Logo’s control field, which is the area around the logo equal to the height of the “H” in the logo.
The preferred color for the Honeywell logo is red. Use only PMS 485 red for printing, and hexidecimal color code #FF0000 for use on the web. Only use black or white when color printing is not available.

In body copy or text, do not use the Honeywell logo. Portray the word Honeywell in the same font as your body copy/text.           

The Honeywell logo should be no larger than 50% the size of your logo and be visually portrayed in a subservient manner to your dealership logo. The preferred usage is parallel or below your logo.

Register to Use the Honeywell Logo

To register for the use of the Honeywell logo and to receive authorization and artwork to proceed, pls click here to Register to Use Honeywell Logo. Please state clearly.

If you have questions or need further information, email us at: