VideoBloX NetCPU Matrix Switching System

Embedded Video Matrix
Honeywell’s VideoBloX matrix system is a robust video and audio full crosspoint matrix switch that is scalable from small to large applications. The matrix is controlled by a powerful cold fire embedded central processor that also has 16 channels of titled output expandable to 64 within the same chassis. Integration to access control and other systems is possible through a simple auxiliary control protocol. Its compact size and rugged chassis are designed to withstand harsh environments and require limited maintenance.

The VideoBloX embedded CPU is programmed using Windows-based configuration software. The system is expandable to 1248x256 on one CPU, and up to 15 systems can be networked together using RS422 or Ethernet and video trunks. A 2048x32 line sequence engine allows for building custom actions based on system events such as alarms, time of day or key presses, or externally triggered through the auxiliary port. The sequence engine allows the use of Flags, IF, ELSE and DO WHILE logic.

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