The HandKey reader by Recognition Systems, Inc. utilizes fieldproven hand geometry technology that maps and verifies the size and shape of a person’s hand all in less than one second.

The HandKey captures a three dimensional image of the hand using a 32,000 pixel image array. The 90 measurements including the lengths, widths, thickness and surface area of the fingers and hand are taken. The advanced algorithm determines the unique aspect of the hand and then generates a nine-byte hand template. This template is then stored and used for subsequent comparisons. Dirt, cuts and abrasions on the hand have no impact on accuracy.

The HandKey CR is specifically designed to work in conjunction with card based access control systems. This makes adding biometric security to critical access points fast, simple and seamless for both new and existing systems. The HandKey CR without integrated card reader and the HandKey CR with HID proximity can store up to 512 cardholder templates in the unit. The HandKey CR with integrated OmniClass/iCLASS reader stores cardholder templates on their cards, protecting cardholder privacy and eliminating the need to store and update cardholder databases in individual HandKey CR readers. The storage of the template on the card allows the reader to support an unlimited number of cardholders.

The HandKey II provides the security and convenience you need at a price you can afford, even when compared to cardbased systems. Because your hand is your card, HandKey II allows access only to authorized people without the hassles of a card or key. By eliminating cards, you reduce administrative costs while greatly increasing the level of security. Users appreciate the convenience of never worrying about keeping track of a card or key.

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