High Definition Network Video Decoder

Honeywell HD-NDE-1H11/ 4H11 high definition network video decoder supports medium to large scale video monitoring applications. By converting multiple MPEG-4 and H.264 streams into video signals, this network video decoder bridges DVRs, digital video streamers and IP cameras to video wall.

The HD-NDE-1H11 supports 16 channels @ D1, 8 channels @ 720P, 4 channels @ 1080P video decoding and display; whereas the HD-NDE-4H11 supports 28 channels @ D1, 14 channels @ 720P, 7 channels @ 1080P video decoding and display.

Operation is simple. This decoder can be configured and controlled easily via the internet and switch the video to different outputs quickly. Featuring 1080P HDMI video output together with VGA and BNC output, the HD-NDE-1H11 / 4H11 enables the most detailed and crisp images to be displayed on 1/1, ¼ , 1/9 or 1/16 split screen display.

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