Fusion NVR

The Fusion IV NVR Series is ideal for video surveillance systems requiring a scalable recording and video management platform for an end-to-end digital system. A single Fusion IV NVR supports simultaneous recording, searching and system management for up to 32 IP and megapixel cameras, 16 channels of audio and a POS text data interface. Multiple NVRs can be combined to support a large-scale system deployment for systems requiring recording and management of hundreds of cameras. Central control of Fusion NVR systems and systems operating a mix of NVRs and DVRs is provided by multi-site Fusion Video Management Software (FVMS).

In addition to new system roll-out to realize the benefits of operating a state-of-the-art IP surveillance network, Fusion IV is ideal for upgrading the head-end recording solution of existing systems. This is because Fusion IV supports multiple compression formats, including MJPEG, MPEG4, and H.264, as well as a wide variety of IP camera drivers.

The Fusion IV hardware utilizes powerful processor and memory technology allowing support of multiple simultaneous operations such as point-of-sale text recording and video analytics. With standard dual video ports, end users can view live multiplex video and search at the same time. System expansion of recording and management resources has never been easier–by connecting additional Fusion IV NVRs to the local area network.

The front panel provides easy access to the DVD-RW drive, one USB v2.0 port, and six field-replaceable hard drives. This provides system engineers a fast, convenient method to expand NVR storage capacity in the field.

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