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The Best Technology

Quite simple, Honeywell’s Home Net System is the best integrated apartment management system because it incorporates the best technology. Experience an unparalleled level of convenience and control wit sophisticated features that include a direct dialing system, resident and visitor entry and lobby control, security event and event history and more.

Honeywell Home Network System
Digital technology is changing the way we live and work.  Honeywell’s integrated Home Network System makes Mangrove West Coast the home automation as a reality, letting you conveniently control various functions in the home whenever you want, even from remote location.

Benefit of Honeywell Solutions

• Provides customized solutions that meet customer needs
• Provides reliable solutions resulting from 20 years of experience and technology development in home automation
• Links external systems in complexes and residential units

Values of Honeywell Home System

Enjoy comfortable living with optional control of temperature, lighting, gas, home appliances and more via world-class automation control technologies.
Honeywell provides customer in apartment complexes with complete security solutions, including high-tech integrated systems for burglary and fire prevention, entry control and more.
Honeywell customers enjoy a high standard of living thanks to the wide range of advanced Information technologies.
Honeywell HS-5000 Home Network System was received the 2005 Prime Products of the Year in A&S Magazine, Asia edition Nov 05 issue.  Easy operation and convenient use are two key points to win, HS-5000 brings high-tech convenience and secure living using the most advanced technologies.  It is not just a simple home alarm system but also an entrance and home appliance control system.