Oil and Gas


Analysis of demand

Threats of terrorist attacks on chemical plants and oil refineries and the growing awareness of general security and processing safety issues in petrochemical, food & beverage and grain mill industries for example, call for video surveillance solutions, which will not add to the risk of explosive gases, vapours or dusts being ignited.

The need for flexible equipment is paramount in such specialised applications. Chemical or food processing plants often handle potentially explosive dusts or powders, which mean most surveillance equipment, can not be used due to the risk of it causing an explosion. Even when suitable equipment is used, users are often faced with added costs or certification issues when they need additional functionality e.g. integral receivers, sunshields or wipers.

Security threats and safety risks can run high on oil & gas chemical processing facilities, but an effective security system can help dramatically reduce such risks. We appreciate that offshore your security and CCTV surveillance requirements are exacting. Honeywell Security can supply you with a turnkey solution with an exemplary support structure that is specifically designed to cope with the wide variety of environmental conditions encountered on offshore rigs and platforms and the ships that supply them. Our full range of integrated security systems are certified for use in hazardous areas. We offer you the opportunity to migrate to a fully digital, network security and surveillance system without discarding your existing security infrastructure. Incorporating existing legacy systems is straightforward, saving time and money and minimizing disruption.

Honeywell Security’s range of surveillance systems, industrial cameras, explosion proof PTZ cameras and housings are typically used in petrochemical, industrial, aerospace and offshore industries and generally on sites where there is a risk of very high temperature and explosion because volatile gases, vapours, mists or dusts are present. The range is recognised and chosen internationally by customers who require the best engineered solution for security in hazardous areas.

A key feature of MAXPRO-Net CCTV Surveillance System is the ability to monitor and control multiple sites remotely. Several platforms might be monitored from a single, manned installation, with monitoring from a shore-based Control Centre also incorporated. A hierarchical control structure ensures that in the event of an incident, control passes seamlessly from one location to another as required.

Our Pro-Watch access control system offers local monitoring and control from each offshore refinery, as well as global monitoring and control from regional head quarter.  When the connection between the offshore refinery is down, the local server still provide local access right and information with full client monitoring and control; the database information is then synchronize with the head quarter while the connection is established.

Pro-Watch integrates a fully comprehensive LobbyWorks Visitor Management system.  It keep track of visitor, employees, assets and deliveries as they enter and exit the facilities

Pro-Watch fully integrates with DVR.  DVR automatically perform recording when there is an alarm, one of the typical examples is DVR provides recording automatically when someone force open a door.

We recognise that your security requirements are wide ranging and incorporate a number of distinct systems from CCTV Surveillance to Access Control, Alarm and Incident Management. Modules can be installed in any combination and MAXPRO-Net CPU software allows information to be passed between these different systems. The modular nature of MAXPRO-Net CCTV Surveillance system provides a single platform to control and seamlessly integrate all these disparate systems.