Last year, retailers earned more than $8 trillion globally, but lost more than $200 billion to shrinkage. Honeywell Security provides leading edge technology coupled with well-tested and time-proven solutions that can help both address shrinkage and drive additional profitability.

Our retail industry experience gives us the expertise to recommend total solutions that perfectly fit your needs and budget. Whether you demand access control systems, sensors, alarms, POS exception solutions, cameras or DVRs, our solutions are all encompassing and let you address your problem areas in a comprehensive way. Our industry-leading performance results from manufacturing products that set the standard in quality and reliability while remaining scalable to address the diverse needs facing facilities of all sizes. From the smallest stores to the largest retail chains, our solutions remove retail risk and help drive increased profitability.

Whether implemented to stop losses, drive revenue or both, choosing the right solutions has a proven impact on your profitability and Honeywell has the experience you need