Benefits of DCP

How great our Dealer Certification Program can benefit you?

We bring you the power of Honeywell to stand out from competition.
We transfer leading-edge knowledge to you through properly organized training program to enhance your service quality to the end users.
We update you the newest innovations, technologies, and products to keep up with industry trend.
We hold joint promotion campaigns with you to effectively market your company.
We share project pipeline with you on selected strategic projects to increase your income.
We allow you access to invaluable resources like sales, marketing, and technical tools to operate your company more efficiently.
We list you on Honeywell website to increase your market exposure.
And more…
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How we value you the best?

Honeywell Dealer Certification Program is setting a new standard in the security industry. We will empower you the ability of delivering high level services to the end user, and we will also recognize and reward your substantial investment in servicing and supporting Honeywell Security Systems. .

The Dealer Certification Program is composed of two certification levels: Certified Dealer and Gold Certified Dealer. With each level of certification, you will benefit from an increased level of support, branding, and economic incentives from Honeywell

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Your reward -Certified Dealer

1.Authorization to sell Honeywell System products
2.Training provided by Honeywell professional technical team
3.Technical support services from Honeywell(*Only available to Honeywell Trained/Certified Engineers)
a.E-mail Support
b.Telephone Support
c.On-site Support
4.Special discount on technical service and training
5.Special price for test facility and demo set up
6.Honeywell website listing

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Your reward - Gold Certified Dealer

1.All those for Certified Dealer, plus
2.Sharing of project pipeline for selected strategic projects
3.Joint promotion campaign
4.More discount on technical service and training
5.Quota for Free on-site support service

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How to get Honeywell-Certified?

To be qualified to Certified Dealer, you need to at least earn 50 points respectively in the two Dealer Certification Scoring Cards for both technical and commercial considerations. You are eligible to becoming Gold Certified Dealer once your points exceed 75 in the two Scoring Cards.

In addition, you will have to fulfill other requirements including:

1.Acceptable financial standard with Honeywell
2.At least two years of active engagement in the security industry
3.Successful installation of at least one project of the system to be certified
4.Delivered at least one new project in your dealership per year for Certified Dealers and three for Gold Certified Dealers for re- certification.
5.Compliance with the application process for certification

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What're the Certifications for?

Current Dealer Certification Program encompass following systems:

ProWatch Access Control System
The most renowned integrated security solution with more than 50,000 installations in 75 countries and a worldwide network of 350 certified dealers

WinPak Access Control System
The cost-effective, easy-to-manage, and full scale integrated platform that provides you with recurring revenue streams.

MaxProNet Video Management System
The most powerful integrated video management & control system in the world.

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How to apply?

Fill in the Scoring Cards and submit to Honeywell Regional Sales Manager for review.Please also be advised that:

Certification is ONE year from certification approval date and ends on the anniversary date.
Annual re-certification is required.
We will upgrade you if you perform excellent and might downgrade or even disqualify you if you performance couldn't meet our standard.

Secure the right partner right now! We’re committed to help you stand ahead!

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