238C Plus LED

"SIMPLE IS PERFECT". Honeywell 238C Plus series mini intrusion system provides simple wiring, simple user interface, simple programming, stable operation and superior features to the users. The target of using 238C Plus is easy to get the work done. System integrator does not need to have the complicated steps for system installation and setup, and the users can operate the system easily via the well-designed keypad.

238C Plus series system includes main control panel, LED keypad and LCD keypad. This simple configuration offers the users a complete system with the functions of 8 zones alarm input, 15 system user accounts, password key lock, 35 events log, and watch dog, AC power and phone line monitoring. With the combination of maximum 4 LED or LCD keypads, 238C Plus serves the applications in residential areas, retail shops, offices and small scale factories.

System compatibility of 238C Plus is undoubted. The system supports up to 7 different types of communication formats and can be set to connect to maximum 4 receivers individually. A complete CMS solution of 238C Plus control panel and MX8000 receiver is recommended for high capacity remote alarm monitoring. User can enjoy the four times phone Iine redundancy of 238C Plus and totally 36 phone Iines support from the MX8000 receivers.

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