36x IP H.264 All-in-One PTZ Camera
Honeywell HIPTZ-0361W is an IP based all-in-one PTZ camera that integrates a zoom block camera and an IP66 rated aluminium pan/tilt head with wide rotation angle into one compact system. It is an ideal solution for city surveillance, traffic monitoring, borders and other critical infrastructures.

Capable of performing 360° horizontal rotation and -60° to +45° tilt range at high speed rate, the HIPTZ-0361W provides a much wider and more flexible viewing angle than traditional PTZ dome cameras. Together with its 36x zoom lens, the HIPTZ-0361W delivers a full picture of the area under surveillance in optimal width and depth.

Easy-to-install, the HIPTZ-0361W comes completely assembled that no further reconstruction is required. With intelligent user-friendly design, all cables are hidden inside the housing to ensure smooth and stable rotations at all time.

With IP66 housing, the HIPTZ-0361W is ideal for outdoor security and surveillance applications. The built-in wiper, two-layer shield and thermal-resistant housing guarantee sharp and detailed images to be captured even under the harshest surroundings.

The HIPTZ-0361W delivers high quality images at full D1 resolution (PAL: 704x576, NTSC: 704x480) at up to 25/30 frames per second. By applying the H.264 video compression technology, the HIPTZ-0361W streams good quality images at optimized bandwidth to reduce data volume and save storage space.

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