IS-6500S IP Video Door Phone

Honeywell IS-6500S is a stylish TCP/IP based Video Door Phone system delivering flexibility and control required for middle upper class property complex visitor management, property protection, intercom, message service and elevator control.

IS-6500S IP video door phone is designed with "Noble Gold" color and built into an ultra-slim body with a 7 inch touch screen LCD display, which gives a luxurious and distinctive touch that harmonizes with any style of interior design. Outfitted with flat vandal resistant glass panel, multiple capacitive touch screen and user-friendly graphical interface, it delivers a high quality video identification with a micro SD card slot for plug and play.

The IS-6500S IP Video Door Phone features the high-end, stylish design and brings enhanced secure living environment for house owners. The IS-6500S is also compatible with Honeywell integrated smart home systems to provide a highly scalable intelligent residential community solution.

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