Indala Credentials

Indala® ’s high-quality line of 125 kHz FlexPass® Readers combines intelligent programming technology with a range of stylish cover designs. The FlexPass portfolio includes PVC printable cards, clam shell cards, keyfobs, stickers, and readers.

The FlexISO™ proximity card is truly a “credit card” thin access credential, and is ISO 7813 compliant with a nominal thickness of 0.03 inches (0.76 mm). The FlexISO™ has the ability to contain multiple ID technologies in a single credential. It is also available with a magnetic stripe for use with other systems, such as cafeteria vending, copy machines and fuel dispensing. Digital photos and graphics can be printed directly over the FlexISO™ ’s front surface by using a dye-sublimation printer. Bar codes can be imaged onto the card for systems tracking time-andattendance for job costing.

The FlexCard™ proximity card is “credit card”size, features beveled edges, and at a thickness of only 0.065 inches (1.8mm), is one of the thinnest clam shell proximity cards available. Flexible and light enough to be carried in a purse or wallet, the card can also accept photo-flap and direct-print adhesive backed ID badge overlays.

The FlexKey™ ’s contemporary design enables it to be easily attached to a key ring, badge clip, or badge lanyard. Built to withstand harsh operating environments, FlexKey™ ’s rugged double-sealed construction also allows for customization.

The new, innovative FlexTag™ can turn your plastic ID badge into a proximity credential! Effortlessly upgrade from mag stripe orbarium ferrite technology, or add prox to your smart card, by simply attaching the small, circular FlexTag™ to your existing card. The FlexTag™ will also adhere to any non-metallic device, such as a cell phone or PDA, to create an instant proximity badge.

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