Doppio / Doppio mini Hybrid Receiver

Doppio is an IP/PSTN hybrid receiver. It can connect traditional PSTN panels and new IP products, which provides high safety and convenient solution to CMS. It is a 19-inch rack-mount 4U cages featuring easy expansion, online programming and upgrading. IP capability saves phone costs and optimizes line card availability. In addition, Mobile APP is provided to enable customers to arm/disarm panel anytime and anywhere. The supervised mechanism and AES encryption make the network

more reliable. Doppio is able to integrate Honeywell 23 serial panels, VISTA serial panels, IPM & MCM communication modules and COMPACT-4 panel, providing a total solution for CMS customers.

PSTN CARD is designed as an extender for network receiver (Doppio & Doppio mini). It features the functions of receiving the reports from the phone line (3 lines per card) and transferring the reports to network receiver via the USB port. It’s powered by the PIC slot and easy to be installed and extended.

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