8 / 16 D1 Channel Box Network Video Recorder

Honeywell HD-NVR-108 / HD-NVR-116 are an IP end-to-end digital security solution that utilizes H.264 and MPEG-4 dual codec decoding to deliver high quality video images for medium-scale surveillance applications.

The HD-NVR-108 supports up to 8 channels at D1, 4 channels at 720P and 2 channels at 1080P at full frame rate recording; whereas the HD-NVR-116 supports up to 16 channels at D1 IP cameras or 8 channels at 720p IP inputs, or 4 channels at 1080p at full frame rate recording. With 1080P HDMI video output and VGA output, the HD-NVR-108 / HD-NVR-116 deliver the most detailed and crispy images to be displayed on 16:9 LCD monitors.

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