4200 Series DigiReader

DR4200 Series Digital Proximity Readers

The award-winning design of the DigiReader® Series is merely the most obvious of the features that sets this powerful family of proximity credential readers apart from competition. Engineered and manufactured by the company that invented proximity access control, DigiReader Series Digital Proximity Readers (DigiReaders) use our most advanced Digital Signal Processing technology to generate the longest ranges available for passive proximity, and to assure fast and dependable reads that keep even the heaviest traffic moving quickly through secure areas.

DigiReader Series provides an impressive array of solutions to meet the access control needs of any facility, including: low-cost solutions that are priced competitively with less secure technologies; a DigiReader with an integrated keypad for added security; mullion-mount and glass-mount versions.

Along with providing true hands-free access, DigiReaders communicate cardholder access status and building security mode with programmable audible tones and tricolor lights; these features help facilities meet strict requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act by making secure areas more access-friendly to disabled card holders.

DigiReader’s advanced digital technology is reliable, difficult to compromise and exceeds the most demanding low-power US, European and Asian Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) regulations. Like all of our access control products, DigiReader is built to last; special construction makes DigiReader nearly impervious to inclement weather and vandalism.

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