4-Channel Network Decoder

Honeywell introduces HD-NDE-4010 – a new 4-channel real-time network decoder to reinforce the HD series embedded DVR solution.

When using video surveillance system, video wall is a common solution for viewing; in embedded DVR surveillance system application, video wall viewing system is increasingly vital as the DVR is only capable of delivering local images directly from DVR.

This new network decoder is an innovative solution for transferring images from DVR to video wall which brings a brand new experience on DVR surveillance operation. Via the network, HD-NDE-4010 is capable of decoding the streams from various Honeywell HD series DVR – HD-DVR-7016, HD-16DVR-C, HD-DVR-1004/1016 and HSVR-04/16. An HD-NDE-4010 supports 4-channel D1 resolution or 16-channel CIF at full frame rate to the video wall, offering an ideal viewing solution for DVR surveillance system and meeting the requirements from medium to large scale applications.

HD-NDE-4010 network decoder also reinforces the functionality of DVR central management and its display feature which help reduces the installation space required in central surveillance room. Using the HD-NDE-4010 together with the advanced Honeywell Digital Video Central Surveillance (HDCS) management software, DVR streams can be switched smoothly to video wall by PC client. Sequence viewing on video wall is also supported, which eventually will improve overall surveillance efficiency.

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