Video Network Keyboard
Honeywell’s UltraKey Lite® keyboard is an industry-leading design for reliable, user-friendly control of video management systems. It works on Honeywell Universal Surveillance (HUS) IP security platform to provide a uniform user interface regardless of system controller.

The UltraKey Lite incorporates a touch wheel for rapid camera selections and digital or networked video recorder control, and a touch ring with four keys for various functions. Dedicated DVR/NVR buttons are programmable for device control. Laser cut keys with blue backlight provide a fade free, familiar QWERTY keyboard feel, and the rubber wrist pad is user replaceable.

Multiple control interfaces include TCP/IP, RS232, RS422 and RS485 through convenient RJ45 connector. A breakout box is available to convert to screw terminal or DB9 for RS232, and a USB port is also available for future connection options. The DC power supply connector uses a unique twist-lock mechanism to prevent accidental unplugging. Power over Ethernet (PoE) option is also available. The UltraKey Lite has its own web browser for simple configuration and firmware upgrades.

The UltraKey Lite has a two-line LCD that offers system feedback and simple keyboard configuration, and a 3-axis variable speed joystick with twist zoom controls variable speed PTZ mechanisms. The addition of focus controls on the left and right of the joystick allows either left or right-handed persons to use the controller effortlessly.

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