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Success Cases

CitiBank is protected by Honeywell access control system is most parts of the world, they utilize the similar Honeywell access control hardware and software outdifferent region, so they can maintain the same standard through out different region. With the same hardware and software, corporate standard can be established, monitor and controlled.

The other benefit is that CitiBank employee is using the same technology access control card world wide, so an employee travels to a different country can use the same access control card to enter CitiBank facility. The CitiBank employee identity card is also an access control card, that keeps track of where the employee locate world wide.

The advance function of the Honeywell access control system helps CitiBank to over achieve the security audit requirement. The system merge with CitiBank internal process and cross check / verify by the system built in audit reports. The system also merge with their own IT infrastructure, so the IT department just treat Honeywell access control system as on of their standard system, no special handling method is required, that means all the IT security method and procedure also automatically apply to the Honeywell access control system.

Bank Mega
Bank Mega in Indonesia is another major bank that is protected by Honeywell access control system. Other than the benefit we provided for CitiBank above, Bank Mega further benefit by the Honeywell advance anti-passback feature and the visitor management feature.

Bank Mega head quarter is a high secure and high traffic area, the area need to be well protected and at the same time keep the traffic flow.Honeywell visitor management system integrates with access control seamlessly, where the receptionist capture visitor information with a photo, this information is automatically entered into the system attached with a visitor card. The visitor is keep tracked within the premises. If the visitor did not arrive in time or did not leave the premises at the end of the day, the system alert the security centre to take corrective action.

Bank Mega is protected with Honeywell anti-passback feature. In order to avoid tail gating, turnstile is installed at the main lobby with anti-passback feature. All person once enter the building need to go through the turnstile, they cannot enter again without leaving the premises through another set of turnstile.

The combined feature of anti-passback feature and Visitor Management system, Bank Mega is well protected by Honeywell system.

Standard Charter Bank

Standard Charter Bank (SCB) Singapore is moving ahead with Honeywell system with redundant server capability and seamless integration with existing IT infrastructure capability.

SCB sees the importance of server redundancy, Honeywell system provides a hot standby server redundancy that minimize the download. If the active server fails, the hot standby server kicks in automatically without human interaction. This feature maintain the high service level standard within the organization.

Honeywell system is Microsoft Gold certified partner, it seamlessly integrates with SCB existing IT infrastructure. The redundant server can be in their head quarter that communicates with the controller in different region. SCB has already layout the foundation of the global system infrastructure with the expansion capability according to their own need.

Aeon bank

Aeon bank in Thailand implemented the digital video recorders over 30 branches to protect their customers, employees, visitors and overall operations while preventing unwanted intruders or unwelcome actions. The mere presence of Honeywell Video equipment deters criminal activity, protects your enterprise in real-time and provides concrete evidence of any wrong doing. Honeywell video systems provided live feeds and alarm triggers that alert security personnel in real time