Banking Solution

Analysis of demand

Banking by its own nature handle a large amount of money transaction, it has always been a prime target for theft, both internally and externally.

Banking industry has already developed various process and procedure for crime prevention and reduces chance of human errors.However, it is very IT focus.

Before a security department was established in a Banking industry, security was handled by administration department and later by IT department. Therefore, IT department is one of the important department that can influence the decision making process.

Because of the demanding IT requirement in a Banking industry, it has always been a challenge for a Banking customer to choose a highly safety security solution that meet the requirement and at the same time protect the customers and staff with a safe environment.

To deter the criminal activity, protect the enterprise in real-time and provide concrete evidence of any wrong doing. Equipping with the security system can secure everything from an organization’s corporate headquarters to a single ATM. Our equipment delivers crisp, clear video and stands up to the harshest environments, whether it’s in high-risk areas susceptible to vandalism and theft or extreme conditions like cold and heat. From razor-sharp remote monitoring of drive-thru transactions to complete monitoring of parking lot activity to cameras housed inside the ATMs. Effective surveillance is about more than just the need for clear video captures – a live feeds and alarm triggers that alert security personnel in real time.

Integration becomes more popular, DVR shall automatically perform recording when there is an alarm, one of the typical examples is someone force open a door, DVR shall provide recording automatically. In the future, this alarm can be searched and playback the video from the access control system.

Most of the bank has world-wide present, employee can be categorised into 2 types, frequent traveller and non-frequent traveller. Frequent traveller travels from one country to another country in regular bases, on the other hand, non-frequent traveller seldom travels.  This has always been a major requirement in Banking industry, the Access Control System need to provide enterprise level to control down to country level, but flexible enough for the frequent traveller modification such as Honeywell’s ProWatch Enterprise Edition.