City Surveillance


City video monitoring system takes police substation, sub-district office and social organization as foundation site. Monitoring points are located at different places of a city. The foundation site is equipped with real-time image monitoring system connected with front-end video access point.

District Monitoring Center will make foundation site monitoring system access to centralized monitoring platform via networking to realize centralized monitoring and management of the whole district.

According to division of city administrative area, multiple district monitoring centers converge at City Monitoring Center to set up a sharing mechanism, which can coordinate various resources comprehensively. City Monitoring Centers will be connected via city-to-city or province-to-province networking. In this way, a grand pattern of centralized monitoring over provinces or the whole nation has taken shape.

Therefore, the sticking point of city surveillance system is to develop monitoring system of each foundation site. In other words, build a base for all-round monitoring of a city.
Various unsafe factors increase along with unceasing expansion of urban area, growth and movement of population, sudden attack of natural disaster and severe anti-terrorism situation in the world.

The growth of police force fails to meet the actual demand because of weak planning for city surveillance system in early stage, fewer monitoring stations, limited coverage area, separate management and less information and resource exchange between regions or sectors.

In recent years, urban public security becomes more important. A safety of people’s life, property and momentous activities rely more on urban security. Numerous cities start to put forth efforts in construction of centralized surveillance management system. In other words, integrated approach is adopted for urban planning and design in hope of that city surveillance system works more efficiently and reliably in wider range, helps to enhance comprehensive safe management of public security, improve response capacity and the ability for handling emergency in a scientific way, provides response solution for public emergency management system to make fast settlement for various activities, accidents and natural disaster.

Only if a rational and effective city surveillance system is established, governmental administrative departments can find out problem at first time, put forth countermeasures and give fast response to city emergency with the help of the system proving scientific analysis means, afterwards inquiry and analysis data and information. As a result, the system provides effective guarantee for city emergency monitoring system and management level.

City surveillance system reflects the level of city management modernization to a large extent. It is the base to ensure the safety and stability of a city and even the whole nation.

Honeywell Secure City digital video centralized surveillance converts science and technology into direct fighting strength and integrates various resources to adapt to city emergency security system. It is imperative to adopt the system so as to build Secure City and Safe Life.