Geismar, Louisiana, USA


Honeywell’s approach to protecting its Specialty Materials Chemical site in Geismar, Louisiana, employs a comprehensive strategy that seamlessly integrates the physical, electronic and cyber layers of security with building automation, security and process control systems, enabling the sharing of real-time information. Integration is the most effective and efficient way to achieve faster, better responses, including pre-emptive shutdown/safe-mode and the mustering of personnel in safe areas. The Honeywell integrated security solution supports the following capabilities:


•   Monitoring and protecting the perimeter
    with intrusion detection and advanced
    sensor technology
•   Providing “beyond the perimeter” surveillance —
    including radar tracking of vessels
•   Identifying and controlling who enters and
    exits the facility
•   Preventing unauthorized access by matching
    visitors and contractors to federal “watch-lists”
•   Tracking movements of plant occupants, and
    quickly locating equipment and other assets electronically
•   Controlling access to restricted areas, including
    enhanced control room security measures tied
    to Department of Homeland Security threat levels
•   Improving emergency response time through
    early warning systems and shared alarms
•   Preventing theft of assets and chemical sources
•   Assessing site security and design solutions that
    meet proposed legislation, including contingency
    and emergency response plans
•   Integrating systems for greater speed and efficiency
•   Protecting process automation networks and
    systems from cyber threats
•   Tracking and monitoring vehicle and hazardous
    materials movements and storage
•   Tracking the location of personnel and visitors on
    site through automated mustering