Honeywell Security Taiwan Won the Bid of Security System Project of Powerchip Semiconductor 12M Fabrication (FAB)


Honeywell Security Taiwan just announced its win of Powerchip Semi-Conductor (PCS) 12M FAB Security System Project.  This  achievement is a joint effort of Honeywell and its dealer – Shih Chuan who has been awarded as the top 5 System Integration Company in Northern Taiwan 2005.

The Project

Due to the highly increasing demand on High Density Data Flash Memory market, PCS current FAB will not be able to catch up their business growth in the future.  For this, PCS announced in Jan. 2006 that the purchase of the 12 inch FAB from Macronix will be completed in April (the 12M FAB).  Early in November 2005, Shing Chuan, a long term partner of Honeywell Security Taiwan and an outstanding system integrator in the Science Park District where PCS and Macronix FAB locate, started the plan to join the bid of the new Security System for this 12M FAB of PCS and finally won the significant project in March 2006.

Honeywell Solution & Benefits

This integrated Security System covers VideoBlox Matrix System 448in/32 out, 135 sets of HCC-745N and 51 of HSDN-251NS Speed Dome for Video System combined with Honeywell Access System of 23 sets of PRO2200 panels covering 250 doors(might extended to 300 doors).  Due to the superior, comprehensive features and advantages derived from Honeywell’s fully integrated system consisted of WinPak Pro 2005, Access Control Panel PRO2200, VideoBlox and Camera product...etc.. the strong product integration capability meets PCS vision - Integrating process technologies, offering the best services to their customers – Honeywell and Shing Chuan outperformed competitors brilliantly.

More Opportunities on the Way

PCS is now the No. 3 Semi-Conductor manufacturer in Taiwan and their target this year is to be the No. 2  in Taiwan and No. 3 in the world.  Their business forecast pushes the company to build more FAB in the next 5 years.  The success of this bid secured Honeywell to be the first and
best choice of Security System Total Solution supplier for the coming new FAB security system installation project(s).
Not only PCS is establishing new FABs, according to the forecast conducted by the Ministry Of Economic Affair, there are another 5 semi-conductor FABs under planning in Taiwan.  Honeywell and our selected partners will keep targeting and collaborating  to gain the security system installation projects for these FABs and other factories in High Tech Science Park District  to pride itself on being the “Partner of Choice” for its customers.
With the outstanding system integration capability of Honeywell Product and the strong technical support provided by Honeywell and its business partners, Security Taiwan aims to be the first choice of security product and solution provider specially for high tech industry!

About Powerchip - A global leader in Memory Solution Industry

Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation (PSC) was established at the Hsinchu Science Park in December 1994 in order to develop the DRAM industry in Taiwan. Today, through harnessing the efficiencies of 300mm production technology and through the growth of its new foundry business, PSC has outpaced and outperformed all of its competitors in Taiwan to become a leader within its industry. PSC is listed on the Taiwan GreTai Security Market (stock#: 5346) and in 1999, PSC became the first Taiwan public company to list on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.  Withunsurpassed commitment and industry expertise, PSC will maintain its role as a world leader in memory solutions.