Success Story - Xiangyin RD. Tunnel


Xiangyin RD. Tunnel lies within the middle of viaduct-internal and viaduct-external area in north urban Shanghai. In the east, it holds a connection with Wuzhou Highroad which is in the construction progress, and west, Xiangyin Rd. and Zhonghuan Route. The west part of the tunnel links Shanghai-Jiading Expressway extending through Handan RD. and Wenshui RD. Through east Wuzhou Highroad, it joins the Shanghai-Chongming-Suzhou Expressway(in plan) and stretches all the way to the Main Coastal Passageway.

Xiangyin RD. Tunnel Program plays a very important role in the traffic infrastructure construction in Shanghai. Once it has been completed, the traffic condition will be improved a lot within north-east Pudong region and Yangpu and Baoshan Districts in Puxi region, providing much more convenient alternatives for citizens when crossing Huangpu River. It meanwhile holds a hub of communications in east Shanghai, laying the foundations of the construction program of Shanghai-Chongming-Suzhou Tunnel that will be operated in the near future.

The overall length of the tunnel is 2.6 kilometers or so, with four two-way lanes, and the top speed can be no less than 80 kilometers per hour.

The Challenge

Xiangyin RD. Tunnel extends from east to west, and during morning and dusk time, the environment will be much more complex with a big influence of irradiation of sunshine. Therefore, it does have a great demanding of high-qualified cameras. On the other hand, traditional cameras have the common shortcomings of blue image. How to maintain a sophisticated standard of image of camera, how the condition inside the tunnel can be transferred meantime to public traffic and security organs - these problems have constitute the challenges, which are to be faced up by Honeywell Security.

The Solution from Honeywell Security

As a leader of the industry, Honeywell Security China provides the program with a series of products whose competence cannot be equaled. With sophisticated tests, Honeywell security cameras have tackled the traditional blue image problem. What is more, apart from the cameras, camera lens, spherical mirrors etc., Honeywell security‘s top products of Matrix MAX1000 manage to picture the condition inside the tunnel, and at the same time, to transfer to public traffic and security organs through CCTV system, which have achieved a major breakthrough within the industry.

Solution Including:
• Outdoor Pan/Tilt Driver Series
   - 9” Outdoor Pan/Tilt Driver KD6BW4P1-4 Sets
• MAX-1000 Video Matrix Management System (80 x 40)
   - CPU System Controller HMX-AT200E-1 Piece
   - 8 Port RS-232 Asynchronous Expansion Card MX08-1 Piece
   - System Power Supply HMXPS9-1 Piece
   - Video Switching Subrack HMX-32128-2 Pieces
   - Subrack Controller Module HMX-128-2 Pieces
   - Video Input and Switching Module (8 Channel) HMX-832-20 Pieces
   - Video Output Module (8 Channel) HMX-208-5 P
   - Ultrak Control Keyboard HEGS-5300-1 Piece
• Color Camera
   - HCC-745P-10 Pieces
   - HCC-645P-36 Pieces
• Monochrome Camera
   - HCM584EX-2 Pieces
• 4-16mm Zoom Lens
   - GL-D40V160CS-46 Sets

Shanghai Xiangyin RD. Tunnel is a river-crossing tunnel, with the most tremendous diameter, the greatest length and the highest allowed speed in China. Diversified technology, qualified products, consummate services, core competitive force have made Honeywell Security the best choice of partner who has placed a key strategic role in the traffic network of Shanghai. The win-win coorperation between Xiangyin Rd. Tunnel Program and Honeywell Security makes the project operating perfectly, which have extended the power of the international brand of Honeywell and it’s security products and solution!