HUS-NVR-7200A-E v4.3

Integrated 256-Channel Network Video Recorder (NVR)

Honeywell HUS-NVR-7200A-E is a powerful and integrated Network Video Recorder which intelligently satisfies any demanding surveillance requirements. Key features of this multi-functional recorder include video recording, storage, streaming relay and playback. It can be connected to Honeywell HUS security management platform and a wide range of IP video devices to deliver customers an advanced IP surveillance solution. Equipped with multiple adaptors, the HUS-NVR-7200A-E can be interfaced with Honeywell video encoders, decoders, IP cameras, Megapixel cameras, high definition IP cameras and high definition video servers.

One HUS-NVR-7200A-E unit supports up to 256 channels at full frame rate with D1 resolution recording, as well as playback or relay with up to 40 channels video streaming simultaneously. Users can select the storage expansion chassis of HUS-NVR which supports 16 bays hard disk installation. Maximum storage expandable capacity is up to 64 bays with 3 storage expansion chassis.

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